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Spray-on green makes grass shine




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That bright, blue-green hue to the grass at the Ellis County Courthouse this week has been eye-catching.

“Oh yeah, I had people asking me over the weekend,” Ellis County Clerk Donna Maskus said of the color of the courthouse lawn. “They wanted to know what was going on at the courthouse with the green grass.”

Gary Haas, weed control supervisor for the Public Works department, said the grass was sprayed with chemicals late Friday to control henbit and dandelions. A green dye is used so it can be determined what areas have been sprayed. The courthouse lawn is sprayed once or twice a year.

“It really showed up this year,” Haas said. “Everything is so blah-looking around; it really sticks out like a sore thumb right now.

“If we get some damp mornings, it would go away. It’s staying so dry, it doesn’t go away as quick.”

Haas said they might have to adjust the dye the next time the lawn is treated.

“Might have to use a little bit dimmer-looking dye,” he said. “That stuff really showed through — lot bolder than I would have liked it to.”

The courthouse lawn is not watered, said buildings and grounds supervisor Tom Weber.

“No, but it sure looks nice and green,” he said of the courthouse grass after spraying. “It’s not from watering, that’s for sure.”