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Party-goers might want to buy a bottle of something sweet tonight to usher in the new year.

Randy Kaiser, who owns two Kaiser Liquor stores with his wife, Danna, said he recommends sweet wine for casual drinkers.

"The most popular wine right now for people that don't drink a lot of wine are Moscatos," Kaiser said. "They're considered kind of a dessert wine."

Wine is a popular item for his stores because it is a more social adult beverage, he said.

Business peaks starting around Oktoberfest and lasts until late January.

"We do really well because we, in my opinion ... do a lot of wines," he said. "It's that time of year when people that don't maybe drink wine that much year-round tend to drink a little bit more during the holidays."

Barefoot Wine is a top brand because of its variety of options.

Liqueurs, such as brandy, rum, bourbon, schnapps and Sambuca, also are popular. High-end scotch and single-barrel bourbon are gift options for those drinkers.

Gift packages are a choice for all because they include glasses or a flask, along with the alcohol.

Jim Steinert, owner of Steinert Liquor, said novelty vodkas and rums are popular in his store. White cake, blue raspberry, cherry and apple are among the unique flavors. Bacardi, Smirnoff and UV Vodka are some of the most-sought brands.

Kaiser urged people to exercise caution as they celebrate New Year's Eve.

"I love this business, but I always tell people, please be responsible. ... It can be a very fun time, and it's a good product, it's a legal product. But be responsible with it," he said.