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Scant moisture reported in March





It's easy enough to find a trend in the weather in March: Just look to the precipitation totals across northwest Kansas.

Across the board, the monthly totals have been minimal at best.

Hill City, Hoxie and Norton might be in the best shape of any location in northwest Kansas, but even those locations received less than half an inch of precipitation in March.

That's well below average.

But other sites fared even worse.

At Russell Municipal Airport, rainfall in March was a paltry 0.11 of an inch -- spread across three rains.

Smith Center did even worse, picking up 0.12 of an inch in four rains.

Hays had 0.17 of an inch in a mix of five rain and snow events. In a normal March, the precipitation total would have been 1.25 inches.

Snowfall amounts were just as meager at Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center south of Hays, with just 0.9 of an inch reported in March. Normal would be 3.96 inches.

Greater amounts of snow fell elsewhere in northwest Kansas, such as 3.9 inches in WaKeeney, 3.6 in Hoxie, 3.5 inches at the Norton dam, 2.8 inches in Plainville, 2.6 inches in Smith Center and nearly 2 inches in Russell.

Elsewhere, smaller amounts fell.

Generally, temperatures -- both high and low -- were cooler than normal.

In WaKeeney, for example, both the daily highs and lows on average were approximately 2 degrees cooler than normal.

The average high temperature for Hays was 1.4 degrees cooler than normal.

The average low, however, was 4.3 degrees cooler than normal. As a result, the average temperature was 3 degrees below normal.

The coldest temperature in Hays came March 3, when the low fell to 3 below zero.