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Sorority members let paint fly





Delta Zeta sorority at Fort Hays State University had its first Paint-A-Turtle event to raise money for the annual regional sorority conference in Kansas City, Mo.

FHSU students, staff and faculty were given the opportunity to purchase a paint-filled balloon for $2, and throw it at his or her "favorite" Delta Zeta.

"We thought this would be a creative way to raise some money," said junior Katrina Lewis, fundraising chairwoman for the local chapter of Delta Zeta. "One of my sisters suggested the idea and said it would be a great idea to throw balloons at each other."

The Delta Zeta mascot is a turtle, and Lewis said the event is technically considered "paint a Delta Zeta."

"People are really excited to have fun," Lewis said. "We're just going to throw some balloons and get a little crazy."

Jordan Sparrow, freshman, was attacked by the majority of the balloons.

"We all signed up for this knowing there was a chance we could get a black eye today," she said.

Luke Abbott, junior, came out to support the Delta Zetas.

"It seemed like a fun way to throw a little money at them," he said.

Paint-A-Turtle is the first fundraiser Delta Zeta has held this year. The sorority will also host the Big Man on Campus male beauty pageant this spring.

"Those funds raised go to the Painted Turtle Camp," said senior Holly Weiss. "It's a summer camp for chronically ill children, so they can have experiences similar to healthy children."

In the fall, the sorority hosts Turtle Tug, and the proceeds are donated to the Herndon Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic at FHSU.