WASHINGTON -- The federal government reported mixed signals Thursday regarding possible inflation.

Expedition 50 Commander Shane Kimbrough of NASA is among three crew members from the International Space Station who returned to Earth Monday, after 173 days in space. The three landed in Kazakhstan at approximately 7:20 a.m. EDT.

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) has agreed to pay the United States $7,150,436 to resolve allegations that it violated the False Claims Act in its administration of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps.

WASHINGTON – Hostages held by Iran from 1979 to 1981, victims of the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and victims of the attack on the U.S.S. Cole received good news Thursday. The Justice Department says it will finally make more than $800 million in compensation payments to these and other victims of international terrorism.

WASHINGTON – Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said Thursday that he is temporarily giving up oversight of investigations into possible Russian involvement in last year’s presidential election and claims that the Obama administration used intelligence data for political purposes.

CAMDEN, N.J. – A New Jersey teenager has pleaded guilty in a plot to hire a sniper to assassinate Pope Francis.

WASHINGTON – The Trump Administration issued a warning Monday aimed at protecting American citizens from losing jobs to foreign workers.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and two of President Trump’s top civilian advisers arrived here Monday to assess the need for ongoing U.S. military participation in Iraq.

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department said Thursday it is taking steps to speed up the deportation of criminal aliens housed in federal prisons.

WASHINGTON – A State Department employee with top secret security clearance has been charged with accepting thousands of dollars of gifts and benefits from Chinese intelligence agents.

HOUSTON -- Former U.S. Rep. Stephen E. Stockman, R-Texas, and one of his aides have been indicted on charges of orchestrating a scheme to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from charitable foundations and the individuals who ran those foundations.  

WASHINGTON • Sen. Claire McCaskill on Tuesday said she would not rule out voting to filibuster President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

WASHINGTON – U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions warned Monday sanctuary cities and counties that they face loss of federal funding if they don’t help enforce federal immigration laws.

NORMAL — Previewing a talk about global climate change, former Mexican President Felipe Calderon said Thursday improving the climate doesn't have to be done at the expense of economic growth. Both are possible, he said, but it will take changes in several areas.

Poll director Charles Franklin also said the results show the electorate remains polarized.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe and advocates for Virginians with disabilities and mental illness have raised concerns about how the Republicans’ proposed health care bill would impact the state.

President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget jeopardizes key services for sexual assault and domestic violence victims, as well as efforts to prosecute perpetrators of those crimes, Wisconsin advocacy groups said Tuesday.

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Lawyer says few American citizens apply for the seasonal, temporary jobs.

Defense, homeland security, and veterans are the big winners in President Donald Trump's First budget. Every other department will see cuts.

Shimkus spox says Durbin could have picked up phone rather than issue press release 

WASHINGTON – NASA acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot on Thursday generally praised the budget proposed for his agency, even though it eliminates funding for the Asteroid Redirect Mission and the Office of Education.

SAN FRANCISCO -- A grand jury in the Northern District of California has indicted four defendants, including two officers of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), for computer hacking, economic espionage and other criminal offenses in connection with a conspiracy to access Yahoo’s network and the contents of web mail accounts.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday said he will expand the use of Project Exile, a program to reduce gun violence that FBI Director James Comey helped start in Richmond two decades ago when he was a federal prosecutor here.

SAN DIEGO -- The Justice Department on Tuesday unsealed another indictment in the on-going “Fat Leonard” bribery scandal. Named in the indictment are retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless and eight other high-ranking Navy officers.