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Movie critic jumps 22 times across state


The cinematic definition of a reboot is telling the same story with new actors, a new setting and maybe a new theme; yet still retaining the original story structure. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this time it is I who am on the receiving end of a reboot.

My wife, Renee, and I are moving to Kansas City. Given the chaotic nature of moving, I was unable to see a new film this past weekend and this week's review will have to consist of one paragraph about "22 Jump Street" which came out last week.

"22 Jump Street" is the sequel to the 2012 film "21 Jump Street" which was the theatrical adaptation of the television show by the same name. "22 Jump Street" picks up where it's forebearer left off and continues with only slightly abated force. It is easily labeled "gut-bustingly hysterical" -- even if it isn't quite as funny as the first installment.

I will continue to write reviews on a weekly basis.

"22 Jump Street"

5 of 6 stars

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