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Democrat Sherow wins U.S. House primary


Special to The Hays Daily News

Special to The Hays Daily News

Kansas First District Democratic candidate Jim Sherow kept a close eye on the results of the Kansas primary election Tuesday night. Walking with his, and Paul Davis’ supporters in Salina in the Tri-River Festival Parade, a tired Sherow ended the day by joining the Saline County Democrats watch party. Celebration began when results confirmed Sherow would continue to the general election.

“Going forward, all of us realize that the heart and soul of Kansas are at stake in this election,” Sherow said. “Government is not the problem; politicians like my opponent, Mr. Huelskamp are the problem. As one of the loudest Tea Party voices in Congress, he is responsible for much of the legislative gridlock currently crippling our country.

Rep. Huelskamp is so divisive that his own party leadership removed him from the all-important House Agriculture Committee, and the powerful Budget Committee.  Even the Farm Bureau and the Kansas Livestock Association have chosen not to endorse him. His actions are not helping to improve the life of even one Kansas farm family and his votes against women and immigration reform are a clear indication of his disregard and disrespect for his constituents.

“I want to thank everyone who has believed in my campaign for a better voice in Congress. Now it’s back to work. Kansas and the Big First cannot afford another two years of Rep. Huelskamp. The time has come to restore common sense, cooperation, and compassion to Kansas. The people of Kansas deserve better.  Everybody counts.

Sherow will face Republican incumbent Rep. Tim Huelskamp in the general election Nov. 4