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County picks Hadley





The Hadley Center at 205 E. Seventh was chosen at the Ellis County Commission meeting Monday as the temporary office for some Ellis County offices.

The housing is needed because of planned renovations to the courthouse.

Cost and convenience factored into the decision.

The center will cost a maximum of $199,800, but it might be lower depending on the square-footage desired. The other option, the former Hays Pathology Laboratory, would have cost at least $150,127 with some renovations not included in the figure.

Dave Van Doren, representing Hadley, said the former lab's renovation issues posed the threat of costly repairs.

"It's an unknown cost galore, a money pit, if you will," he said.

Commissioner Dean Haselhorst said he appreciated the fact the building could be available on short notice.

In other business:

* Mike Graf, Ellis County public works director, updated the commissioners on his department's issues. The Kansas Department of Transportation is receptive to the idea of partnering on road projects. Possible improvements could include 55th, 230th and Feedlot.

KDOT is interested in the reconstruction because it was presented as a matter of economic development benefitting growing businesses in the area, Graf said.

* Commissioners accepted the Ellis County Fair Commissioner's Cookie Jar from Gloria Pfannenstiel.