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Utah overtakes Kansas in latest census estimate




Kansas hasn't grown much since the 2010 census was taken, new estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau suggest.

Based on estimates as of July 1, Kansas now is a state of 2.89 million people.

It's now also slightly smaller than Utah, which has 2.9 million residents, according to the Census bureau. In 2012, Utah was just slightly smaller than Kansas.

With Utah's leap, Kansas is now the 18th smallest state.

California and Texas continue to lead the nation in terms of the greatest number of people living within their borders.

Both states continued to grow in 2013. Based on the most recent estimates, Kansas would fit into California 13 times over, at least in terms of population.

Wyoming remains the smallest state in the nation, but even it grew slightly and now has a population of approximately 582,000.

The numbers released are just estimates, but are based on a series of factors, including births and deaths.

While Kansas boasted a lackluster 1.43-percent population growth since 2010, it had plenty of company.

Several states had even smaller growth numbers, some even showing negative growth since 2010.

The District of Columbia and North Dakota -- where a boom in oil shale development is ongoing -- had the highest growth, both in excess of 7 percent.

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Area state populations for 2010 and 2013.

2010 2013

Kansas 2,853,116 2,893,957

Colorado 5,029,196 5,268,367

Missouri 5,988,923 6,044,171

Nebraska 1,826,341 1,868,516

North Dakota 672,591 723,393

Oklahoma 3,751,357 3,850,568

South Dakota 814,180 844,877

Texas 25,145,561 26,448,193

* Source: U.S. Census Bureau