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Russell County voters extend sales tax


RUSSELL -- Russell County residents, by a significant majority, approved the continuation of a half-cent sales tax in Tuesday's election.

The 0.5-percent countywide sales tax supports capital improvements and economic development in the county, said Janae Talbott, director of Russell County Economic Development.

"It's a tool for sustainment, but also growth for our community," she said. "We're very pleased."

Each of the eight incorporated communities in the county receives a portion of the proceeds, as does the county.

The sales tax needs to be renewed every five years; it has been in place for the past 10 years.

In Tuesday's election, 485 voters supported the sales tax, while 252 opposed it.

Votes will be canvassed by the Russell County Commission on Monday.

In a separate vote, an additional 1-cent sales tax also was approved for the city of Luray. Only 50 people voted in the election, with 40 supporting the measure.