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Teenager's business picking up





Trash collection is a dirty job, but C.J. Bollig embraces it.

The 18-year-old began Trash-B-Gone LLC in January. The company's school bus-yellow garbage truck scurries down Ellis County backroads from house to house with little time wasted. Bollig drives the truck as his employee sometimes hangs on the back, and he also will jump out to help empty the large dumpsters they service.

Bollig bought two trucks and 12 dumpsters with assistance from three partners. Their arrangement calls for the young co-owner to buy them out one day and own the business himself.

Bollig graduated from Hays High School, decided to forgo college and became an entrepreneur.

"I've never been one for school," he said. "I wasn't going to go to college at all. I'd rather head straight out to work."

Aside from spending 30-hours on his trash route Tuesday to Friday, the business requires steady upkeep.

Maintaining the trucks and fixing containers with welding repairs are among his other duties.

Few teenagers take on the responsibility of running a small business, but it motivates Bollig.

"It keeps me in line," he said. "Keeps me out of trouble."

The business has grown from 12 customers to approximately 300. It covers Ellis County and collects trash from commercial and residential sites. Bollig also can remove metal or furniture from customers' property.

For more information about Trash-B-Gone, call (785) 301-2477.