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February weather shows Mother Nature's wintry touch





February 2014 won't be forgotten easily. It was that cold.

Temperatures fell below zero five times in February, not including one night when the overnight low hit zero but didn't tumble lower.

The monthly average temperature for February stood at 26.4 degrees, according to records collected at the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center at the south edge of Hays.

But that 26.4 degrees was a bone-chilling 6.4 degrees below average.

The average high of 38.6 degrees was 7.4 degrees below normal, and the low of 14.2 degrees was 5.3 degrees below normal.

It wasn't much better elsewhere in northwest Kansas.

Hill City saw temperatures drop below zero only four times in February, while Goodland had five nights with below-zero readings -- the most brutal being 14 below zero Feb. 5.

In Hays, the month's low was minus 7 on Wednesday.

Adding insult to injury was the below-average moisture reported in February.

In Hays, 0.92 of an inch of precipitation was recorded during the month. That's 0.11 of an inch below normal.

Goodland only counted 0.37 of an inch of precipitation in February. Hill City recorded 0.36 of an inch.

Goodland's snowfall total for February stood at 8.8 inches.

Hays had 11.7 inches of snow in February. That's 6.74 inches more than normal.