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Rains blotting out drought's deficit





GOODLAND -- With 4.11 inches in the gauge Thursday, Goodland went a long way toward wiping out a long-running rainfall deficit.

And it nearly set a new record in terms of the total rainfall measured in a single 24-hour period.

But it wasn't even close to enough to beat out the 8.32 inches of rain reported this morning right on the Wallace-Sherman county line. That was the highest rainfall in the state.

A few miles north of that site, rainfall totaled 5.37 inches, according to Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network, the online weather reporting site.

The Goodland total of 4.11 inches was the second highest on record -- ever so close to the 4.15 inches set June 28, 1989.

That rain brought Goodland's rainfall deficit to a mere 2.29 inches below normal, with a total of 14.14 inches so far this year. They've had 5.35 inches of rain just this month.

The heavy rain prompted flood warnings and watches across the western tier of counties, primarily focusing in on Sherman, Wallace and Cheyenne counties. Thomas County had reports of flooding as well.

But Goodland wasn't the lone recipient of heavy rain.

In fact, Utica -- or at least a spot approximately 6 miles southwest of Utica -- reported 4.64 inches of rain Thursday, CoCoRaHS reported.

It's not the first time the Utica site has had heavy rain.

In fact, the Utica site had the highest August rainfall -- 8.24 inches. They've had 27.03 inches of precipitation so far this year.

There were other heavy rainfall reports across the region.

Levant in Thomas County picked up 3.87 inches, Winona, in Logan County, had 3.47. Two reports from the Oakley area were in excess of 3 inches.

Colby had approximately 2.5 inches, although the Northwest Kansas Research and Extension Center just west of Colby had 2.61 inches.

In Ellis County, rainfall amounts varied, ranging from slightly more than an inch to less than half an inch.

Smith Center and Lebanon stations, however, didn't report any rain.