The federal government is charged with protection of its citizens from external threat - the US military provides this service and is funded appropriately.

We as a culture have not accepted the responsibility to protect citizens from internal threat - disease and injury. Health services are not funded at a military readiness level.

Why do we focus on half of citizen protection (external) as core federal work and leave the other half (internal) to a for-profit system failing to meet some needs, a system driven by market considerations?

Taxes required to fully fund health care needs would not exceed the costs currently paid by the citizenry through individual and business insurance fees. Yes, taxes would be increased but costs would not increase. Efficiency in usage and practice might actually reduce overall expenses.

What are the important needs of a country that are difficult if not impossible to meet by individuals /private enterprise? Certainly the military is on this list. Infrastructure needs support as well. Health care has not been considered a fully federal responsibility as yet. Careful review and new thinking might reveal the possibility of a need better met.

We understand the impact on our country from a military attack. It is not an acceptable outcome. We are experiencing an internal attack - a broken health care system - yet not funding or leading a satisfactory response. It can be addressed and resolved.

Hard work and cooperation is always difficult, the reward is rich.

 Bob Cox, retired MD