Thursday’s edition of the HDN brought us another tirade from self-proclaimed Christian advocate Susan Brown, spewing at her political opponents more of what Christians should avoid and despise the most, hate. As the Republican president whom she so admires continues to drive America into the ground, recently presenting a budget that would cut funding to victims of natural disasters, Ms. Brown resorts to vague accusations at Democrat(ic) mayors in towns hit particularly hard by natural disasters. Of course, her Republic mayors are all heroes. Again, we get the same old biased evaluations of similar behavior. When Obama plays golf, he’s neglecting his job. When Trump plays golf, it’s a working vacation. When the conservative media makes a false report, it’s an honest mistake. When the liberal media does it, someone should be fired. This seems to be the defining nature of politics today.

Blaming the victims of the storm for not evacuating, Ms. Brown is obviously ignorant of the fact that when a megalopolis the size of Houston (2,3 million people) tries to evacuate within a few hours on the relatively few highways leading to higher ground, it results in massive traffic jams. Ms. Brown cruelly blames the thousands of poor Houstonians with no place to go for being stuck on their roofs with no food or water. She also seems oblivious to the fact people easily can get caught in rising floodwaters while stuck in these evacuation jams. Perhaps we should give her a break, in that her home state of Alaska hasn’t seen many hurricanes. Perhaps when the oceans get warm enough, Ms. Brown will see firsthand what a Category 4 typhoon is like.

Although I have not seen strong evidence of the media blaming Trump for Hurricane Harvey, as Ms. Brown claims, I would be the first to say he is directly to blame for future mega-storms. Trump’s efforts to revive the coal industry, though fairly unsuccessful, are a direct contribution to future climate change, of which the increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes are a prime result. If Houstonians think it will be another 500 years before a hurricane of this magnitude hits them, they are sadly mistaken. Climate change is punching us in the stomach, yet conservatives like Ms. Brown continue to either deny its existence, deny that humans are responsible or scoff at any hope that the species that caused this problem can fix it. I know that loyalty to one’s party is natural. But when it blinds people from seeing the gross degradation of the environment or a president dangerously unfit for office, party loyalty can be self-destructive.

Gary Brinker,