Whether the Democrat Party, liberalism, progressive or mainstream media, it's all one and the same thing as they exhibit total insanity with their rhetoric about Donald Trump.

Readers don't have to go very far to read Trump trash talk, if you know what I mean. It's a daily thing in this paper. The coverage of Trump nationally (and locally) clearly shows leftist insanity. Most need to be committed for therapy and rehab. It's being called the "Trump derangement syndrome."

If Trump is not fit, competent or sane enough to be president of these United States what does that say about his opposition? These anti-Trumpers should be in straight jackets. Calling Trump insane is like the pot calling the kettle black. It's interesting to note Trump's approval numbers are far better than all those leftists trying to destroy him.

What's a stronger word than the word insanity? Whatever you want to call it, that's the ideological left I refer to above. If Trump is batty, the left is battier. If Trump is crazy, the left is crazier.

I choose to believe Trump is just what this country needs at this point in our history. Make America great again and drain the swamp rings loud and clear with grassroots Americans who voted for Trump and will vote for him again. I choose to believe Trump will prevail because he has the support of Americans that count. Knock our president all you want, he is resilient even with some in his own party acting like Democrats.

The other night, Sean Hannity on Fox News showed a list of Trump accomplishment, and the list was a mile long. Just to name a few, the economy is better, illegal immigration down, a million new jobs, fewer on food stamps, consumer confidence up and much more. In seven months, he has accomplished more that is positive than most presidents in a full term. Of course, media dwells on negativity 100 percent of the time and doesn't dare mention any positives.

Total insanity is the norm from the left. A black woman who is a Missouri state legislator said Trump should be assassinated. And, of course, she pays no penalty for such a totally insane remark. Media chose to ignore what she said. Had a Republican made such a comment about Obama, off to jail he or she would go.

I admit some of my words are pretty strong in this letter, but they pale in comparison to leftist rhetoric wanting to destroy a duly elected president — and there is nothing they won't do to accomplish that goal. Americans need to stand up to the agenda coming from the left of distract, distort and demonize, all of which amount to untruths when it comes to reality.

Let's be clear, Trump's comments about Charlottesville were not out of line. If ever a mountain out of a mole hill was made from nothing, this story qualifies as the ultimate "nothing burger."

What Trump said about Charlottesville, when listening to the left (and some weak establishment Republicans), one would think there were never any words by a country's leader more controversial in world history. The New York Times had to print a retraction four times about what our president actually said.

Fair-minded people know that no matter what Trump said about Charlottesville, it wouldn't be good enough for the insane — no matter what. Damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

As I said before in some of my other writings, this is not a time in our history where we are experiencing politics as usual. We are in unprecedented times where the left lies daily about every thing they disagree with.

As I see it, the insanity from the left has escalated to the point of being totally and completely immoral.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.