I hope you all will indulge me and humor me in the following mishmash, as I’m ADD in my old age, i.e., Attention Deficiet Desbien.

I deplore the assinine mania of the Marxist idea logs of the left to destroy the Southern pride, heritage, history and symbols of Dixie. It is an escalation of the drive that has taken God, etc., out of the public square and schools, and forced the sexually confused onto our children.

Yes, slavery was a deplorable condition in the South, but there were many slave owners in the North also. Yes, Matilda, there were even many thousands of white slaves and indentured in the North.

Only 4.8 percent of the Southerners owned slaves. General Lee was a abolitionist. Jefferson Davis freed Southern slaves before the North did. He also adopted a negro boy. Most Southern generals did not own slaves, but many Northern generals did.

A personal aside here: My ninth cousin of Scottish blood, General/President U.S. Grant, owned slaves and didn’t free until nine months after the civil war. Northern armies were segregated but not the Southern. Actually, around half a million negroes fought for the South. It’s true. Negroes and American Indians owned slaves right here in the U.S.A.

Negroes in Africa have owned slaves (their fellow race) for thousands of years. I just heard Mark Stein on talk radio say Barack Obama’s great (some more greats) grandfather owned slaves. Oh my God, horror of horrors. Take his statues down.

Negroes were the principal suppliers of slaves to the slave traders, many of whom were Jewish just as many of the slave ships were Jewish owned. All of the slave ships were Northern owned. My point: There is enough guilt to go around for all men. Face it, slavery has been a part of man’s history almost from his inception on earth as has killing, etc. Look at the huge sex slavery trade that is worldwide today. That is real slavery of the worst kind. The first two sinners sure left us a hell of an inheritance. If you have ancestors, I’d bet somewhere down the line they were guilty of racism or hate or slavery, etc. Does that make you guilty too? Of course not; so why all the assinine mania.

Let us look at one of those Dixie symbols I spoke of above. Namely St. Andrews Cross, AKA Southern Cross, AKA Starry Cross, AKA confederate flag. Yes that one, all based on the same. Historically through the ages, it was not a symbol of hate, racism nor slavery. Quite the opposite. In America, the subversive fifth column mainstream press, i.e. the liberal leftist press which is mostly Jewish owned/controlled, has turned it into a hated symbol.

St. Andrew’s Cross came from Scotland when they settled in the Carolinas and the Southeast. St. Andrew was the apostle who was crucified spread-eagled, hence the diagonal bars on the flag. The 12 stars on those bars symbolize the 12 apostles of Christ. The 13 stars are not for the 13 colonies. It is a glorious flag, a flag of Jesus’ love. I ask you who are the real haters? You and I both know but it’s not PC to say so.

Walter E. Williams had a excellent article in the September 2017 issue of Military. It’s titled “Western values are superior,” and he goes on to prove it. He mentions slavery is still practiced in various countries today, which he names.

Personally I see more people that are slaves to their little handheld machine. To paraphrase the old saying: “Get your head out of your phone.” Pardon my French, ladies.

P.S.: I guess I’m guilty too; my bride says she’s been a slave all of our 59 years of marriage.

P.P.S.: The destruction of Dixies historical things is covered by U.N.’s Convention on cultural genocide, hence it is a grave violation. The law was passed in September 2007. Call out the U.N.’s peace keepers.

Judge for yourself. This law says cultural genocide is “the eradication of cultural artifacts, books, art works, structures, etc., and suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyers motion of what is appropriate.”

Our delegate to the U.N., Nikki Haley, while governor of North Carolina, did some of it herself. Being of East Indian descent, her sympathies probably lie elsewhere than the South.

Where does it end? What next when the Marxist left run out of Southern things to hate? They don’t like Christians, you know. Hey, there are a lot of crosses in this country; they will be busy for a while.

Don Desbien,