There was an editorial by this paper's former editor a few weeks ago that prompts me to write this letter. I will get to that editorial later, but first bear with me about the following as I try to make a very important point regarding the status of Christianity in this nation.

For the first time in American history, under Obama, a Washington, D.C.-based agency added the U.S. to a list of countries known for persecuting Christians.

The Democrat's Obamacare (Obama's marquee legislation) had mandates forcing agencies and institutions to provide contraception totally against their religious beliefs. Little Sisters of the Poor is a prime example.

Obama's Middle Eastern refugee policy was geared to approve Muslim immigrants by the thousands and accept a handful of Christians.

Longstanding Democrat Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin recently questioned a Trump nominee's suitability to serve on a U.S. court for the simple reason she is a Christian.

Not too long ago, the Democrat National Committee decided to take the word "God" out of its party platform.

Liberal courts with secularist judges rule more and more each year against Christianity.

And, who could forget Obama deliberately left the words "by their Creator" out of the Declaration of Independence during seven different speeches.

I presented just a handful of cases where there is clear evidence of anti-Christianity within America. There are hundreds of examples I could present if space wasn't an issue.

The assault and hostility toward Christianity exists internationally as well. It's a given that there would be hostility internationally, but raising its ugly head right here at home is reason to be concerned. What happened to this country being known as a Christian nation for some 200 years?

Readers are aware President Trump is nominating Gov. Sam Brownback to be ambassador at large for international religious freedom, although the nomination still needs congressional approval and, if approved, he will step down as governor.

It's no secret this paper is not fond of our Kansas governor. It's no secret this paper's former editor chastised Brownback every chance he could get governing this state. And, now it's no secret there are issues with Brownback's Christian beliefs that most of us conservatives adhere to.

Patrick Lowry said: "Instead of improving U.S. efforts to promote actual religious freedom around the world, we would expect Brownback to focus on elevating a rather narrow conservative view of Christianity at the expense of all others." Much more was said about the nomination that was negative.

In summary, there clearly is an assault on Christianity in this country, and we need people like Brownback locally, nationally and internationally to protect us as Christians. America was founded in large part by Christians. Why the enormous push from the liberal left to change what we once were known for as a nation?

There needs to be religious freedoms for all, of course. Why shouldn't that include Christianity?

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.