I see in The Hays Daily News on Sept. 22, Shari Webber-Dunn, a practicing Thelemite, is in prison for killing her husband over child custody. That would make the children and family proud of you.

I see American Humanist in Washington is so proud of her they are going to help her sue us for having a cross in the prison and Christian information. None of this is mandatory for them to look at, read or listen to, as I understand it.

If they were a Christian and lived a Christian life, they would not be in prison where we have to feed, house, doctor and pay a lawyer to help them so they can take away our rights. If we were all Christians and lived that life, we would not have to worry about being robbed or killed by non-believers like her. We would have little need for prisons, police and even wars.

Why would any honest, decent organization want to support someone that kills people. Where is their commonsense?

Glen Teel,