I see in The Hays Daily News on Sept. 22, the Hays City Commission thinks we need to build more empty housing. I see there are 150 reported rental vacancies and 149 reported houses for sale. I am sure there are many more apartments and houses not counted empty also.

More empty homes or apartments do not improve the economy. However, the homeowners and landlords still have to pay the same high taxes on these properties even when they get no income from them. It makes it tough to make ends meet sometimes. By the time we pay around 30 percent federal tax, state tax can be around 20 percent , property tax around 10 percent to 15 percent, then pay around 9 percent on everything we buy for repairs, etc., out of what little we have left and do all the work and get cheated out of part of our rent by dead beats that destroy our property.

It is hard to make it with empty apartments and houses. In my opinion, we don't have enough people to fill the housing we already have built. Where is the commonsense here?

Glen Teel,