Do you realize this $78.5 million school bond is a $154 million bond and will go on for 30 years or the rest of most of our lives for those who are paying for it because we own property? With interest, that price will go to $154 million. That is $2.53 million in interest per year. Wasted money. At $16.43 per month on a $150,000 house, it will cost the homeowner around $6,000. If you own more homes or other property, that price will go up a great deal. Taxes are plenty high right now, in my opinion. By the time we pay around 30 percent federal tax, around 20 percent state tax, 10 percent or 15 percent property tax and then pay 9 percent on everything we buy, plus the water runoff tax and others like getting cheated out of rent by deadbeat thieves, in my opinion, we don't have much left.

We are educating the children now, and we have about the same amount of children as we have had for several years. There are schools setting empty all over the state now. I agree we could improve some in the schools, but do we need to spend around $600,000 to tear down schools we are using now just because the classrooms are not the right size? Then spend $154 million building new ones. Couldn't that $600,000 be used for improvements? Do we really need four new gymnasiums for kids to play in? The schools have gymnasiums they are using now, and there are others like the college gymnasiums, and some on Canterbury we are paying for. Could they be utilized? To me, it looks like they have looked at every place they could find to waste our tax money and are not even sure where they are going to waste it at yet. If this bond passes, we, the taxpayers, are in big trouble for the rest of our lives (30 years) if we stay in Hays. That's a total of $154 million taken out of our economy and wasted on schools and interest that could destroy the growth of Hays. It is money that cannot be spent in Hays for other things we need. Higher taxes can cause home values to go down because no one wants to pay the high taxes. This is a very serious bond to consider. Please pay attention. Look into this before it is too late.

Can't we just figure out what we really need and just add on a storm shelter used as a class room if that schools needs both? Could we just do a few improvements at a time and get them paid off to avoid more than $70 million in interest that mostly goes to fat cats? I am sure our schools can do a good job of educating the children with what we now have and a few improvements to make things better. We need to spend money on education, not fancy buildings to play in.

Glen Teel,