It's time for someone to say something about the way Old Glory and our national anthem are being treated. We had a few very athletic, overpaid, over-egoed, unappreciative football players start this off about a year ago. It really came to a head recently.

They claim they were protesting our president. I don't agree with all he says either, but I think if you are going to live in a country and accept that kind of salary, you live in somewhat of a glass bubble for there are little football players in every neighborhood that are watching and want to grow up to be just like their idols.

I will bet anyone there aren't a whole lot of those players who knelt, sat or didn't even show up during the national anthem who have ever “stood a formation.” When I graduated from basic training, we stood at attention and saluted, for our team (squad) had completed the mission successfully, the flag and the anthem were symbols of the country for which we were serving. I felt a great sense of pride and accomplishment but realized it was the end of eight weeks of training and a lot of those guys I never saw again. I really don't know how you can protest against the flag and the national anthem (national symbols) and claim it was a protest against the president.

If the National Football League can treat the national symbols this way and expect nothing to change, I urge all of the working class to change — channels that is. Take a look at what happened last weekend and which teams you are going to boycott for the year. I know I have at least four teams that I will not watch this season, and the list very well might get longer.

I am now a Saturday football spectator. College games are more fun to watch than the pros anyway.

Harvey Jansonius,