I see that Hays has 150 or more empty rentals, lots of houses for sale, people already moving out of Hays because of high taxes, and a whole page of unpaid taxes in the paper with people losing their homes and business to tax sales already. Rents in surrounding towns have gone up because of this also. I see when Hays city commissioner Lance Jones moved here, he claimed none of the rentals in Hays were good enough or cheap enough for him and his animals to live in while he lived off of the taxpayers. He thinks we should build more rentals to set empty to lower the rent.

It is hard to pay all the high taxes we already have when your rentals are empty. Guess Jones has no idea what it is like to be a landlord and have people lie to you so they can steal from you and destroy your property. Then while people in the court system already getting paid with our tax money charge us to try and collect money owed us by dishonest tenants that steal rent and cause the rents to go up to cover taxes and expenses. I am sure it will be good to get him out of there with no more common sense then that, in my opinion.

I see some people are trying to improve Hays. The higher taxes caused by the Hays USD 489 school bond issue costing taxpayers around $6,000 per $150,000 house plus thousands more for anyone that owns other houses, apartments, a business or land, it will make it much more expensive to live in Hays. More people will move out of Hays and less people will want to buy homes, move to Hays or start a business here with such high taxes. More could lose their homes, and the rents should go up to cover the higher taxes while house values could go down. This $150 million tax hike for 30 years could damage the city of Hays and our standard of living we have now, in my opinion. Destroying three schools, building four multi-million dollar gyms to play in is not going to make the students any smarter.

Teachers teach, buildings don't. They admit that less students per teacher makes for a better education, so I would rather spend a little more on teachers for small classrooms and just ad on a few rooms made into storm shelters if we really need them. Commercial taxes are very high, and this tax hike could put some people out of business.

I see they have spent around $8,000 of our tax money, I assume, and mailed out around 25,000 mailers so far trying to get us to vote to increase our taxes and give them $7.4 million per year for 30 years to spend on building, etc. They claim the classrooms have not been updated in 30 years? What have they done with the $2.4 million we already give them every year for that purpose? We have had the same number of students for some time, and it is not likely to change a great deal in the future. If people can't afford to live in Hays, this could cause the numbers to go down. How can they talk about cost savings when they want us to pay $5 million more per year in taxes?

Four big gyms will take lots of heat, air conditioning and utilities to operate. How will taking $150 million in taxes out of our pockets for taxes have a positive financial impact for the community as they suggested? Sounds like a big negative impact to me.

Think this over people. Do you want expensive buildings or educated children? Thirty years could be for the rest of our lives — $70 million of this is interest, not improvements. If you don't want higher taxes for 30 years, please pass this around. The Hays Daily can not reach everyone.

Glen Teel,