Bond elections do not occur in a vacuum, and as the Vision Team worked on this bond, we were painfully aware of the trust issues that Hays has with our school board. That’s precisely why a Vision Team was created with community members to offer input towards this bond. As a result, a plan was developed that addresses the most pressing needs of our schools while still lowering the dollar amount of the bond from the last bond. There’s been plenty written about the content of this bond, but I feel that the process of developing this bond is worth noting.

Too often these projects are top-down affairs developed behind closed doors with no input from the community, by a group of leaders who have vested interest in the project. However, that could not be further from the truth in this case.

From the beginning of the process, the scope and content of this bond was developed by a volunteer committee that was open to the public and composed of a variety of individuals from throughout the community. We worked in open meetings with input from anyone who chose to attend. We incorporated feedback from our educators, administrators and community polling while deciding specific pieces of the bond. The content of this bond was exhaustively discussed and debated. Every project proposed in this bond is there for a specific, defensible reason that can be explained.

So I would ask any of you who don’t support this bond because you don’t trust the school board to reconsider and understand this bond was created by our community. Developing this bond was truly a grassroots effort. It will greatly benefit our community if our citizens vote “yes” on Nov. 7.

Alaina Cunningham,