"History can familiarize and it can warn.” — Timothy Snyder ("On Tyranny”).

We can certainly assume the present warming of the political climate is caused by humans, especially those court-defined, legally sanctioned corporate "persons" who incapacitate almost all free speech with very generous outpourings (accompanied by loud hired voices) of expensive speech called money.

Perhaps one day Americans will finally wake up to the glaring reality that this country is less a Christian Nation — except, as history shows, with theological variations — and becoming more a Corporate Nation. In fact, even notable Christian spokespersons themselves have at times surrendered, consciously or not, to a "prosperity gospel," which draws our attention away from the social concerns of people who are poor, ill, disabled or in any way abused or oppressed.

Let us return to our spiritual and ethical roots amply illustrated in many well-written and researched American history books — with a real human caused political climate change that drowns out the chorus of the money-changers and overturns their tables. How? With an authentic and spirited free-speech movement of heart, soul, wit and an increased output of intelligence that reflects the public, not the corporate, will. Let us see this challenge as an extreme sport of winning America back for the people — and, yes, with a "yuge" emphasis on winning.

R. Joel Holmes,