How does a major project improving school facilities effect a community? Education has always been a point of consternation because of the necessary time to recognize benefits.

Typically, any money or time placed into education requires patience to observe the varied positive results. The future of peoples’ lives and a communities’ vibrant existence is wrapped within the best use of knowledge. The modernized school facilities will draw people to Hays. The new tech building FHSU built is a great example of their intention to draw more students to FHSU, which of course draws more people to Hays.

A healthy community is one that is growing. There are some points about the project that are simply necessary. The current four elementary school facilities are not equitable in size of classrooms, handicap accessibility or security. Teaching and learning strategies have been added to since the 1920s when two of our current buildings were built. The utilization of the space within a building is extremely important to the effective interaction with children. It is easy to allow past experiences to guide thoughts, and we all want to focus on the present living situation.

The most difficult undertaking is working for the future, which is challenging to envision, but it will certainly be different than today. The growth in technology permits an excellent example. The development of technology is exponential in process. The amount of technological change we have witnessed in the past 20 years will be compressed into the next five to 10 years. Today’s children will be working in a world market that is hard to imagine.

Several key employers in Hays are aware of the necessity for preparation, and they are acting on that. USD 489 must also be in that mode.

John Thissen,


Hays USD 489