We are already giving Hays USD 489 $2.4 million per year for improvement and building repair. What did they spend that on? If things have not been updated for 30 years, who's fault is that? Do we want to trust these people with $222 million. If they get what they want, we will owe them $5 million per year, with interest that is over $150 million — plus they will still want the $2.4 million per year we are giving them now, I assume. That will cost us taxpayers $7.4 million per year for 30 years, if it gets passed. That $7.4 million times 30 years will cost us taxpayers around $222 million in taxes over the next 30 years just for building expense, not the $78.4 million they are asking for.

They want to tear down three schools, one gym and build four new gyms. Is that necessary? Will playing ball in these four new gyms give the kids a better education then studying? Do we know where this money is going?

Will it make the kids any smarter? School should be for teaching kids things that are important for living, not three big expensive playhouses to play ball in, in my opinion. Wake up people.

Now you can multiply the $16.43 figured they gave us off of the $78.5 million by around 3, farmland included. Because our actual cost will be $222 million to USD 489 for building expense only, which will be around $600 per year, times 30 years is $18,000.00 to each $150,000 home and a much larger cost to business — not to mention the less income they will get because so much money goes to taxes. If you live in a $150,000 house and own a $150,000 business, you can at the very least double your cost to over $36,000. Most people that own apartments and rental houses will have to pay a lot more. I am sure USD 489 people don't want us taxpayers to know this. Where is their common sense and consideration for Hays City to survive. This added tax could cripple Hays a great deal in property valuation, growth and population, in my opinion. We already have hundreds of peoples names in the paper that can't pay their taxes now. The kids in school now will have to pay a lot of this tax when they get out, if they can afford to stay in Hays.

Glen Teel,