This coming Tuesday on the ballot I will be voting for Lance Bickle.

Lance is a man of character, honor and integrity. In his time on the board, he has proven himself to be a man that listens to the public, who looks out for the staff, students and teachers but also the very people that put him in office — the local taxpayers.

As a fellow small business owner, I know Lance has the results to carefully comb through budgets, look deeper at the financial issues, cut wasteful spending, increase efficiencies and craft long-term plans. In the time Lance has been on the school board, he has saved us hundreds of thousands of our taxpayer dollars in transportation, cut wasteful projects and programs, and decreased insurance costs. All of this while maintaining and improving student scores, programs and learning opportunities.

Lance is loyal to the people he serves, has no conflicts of interests, stands his ground and heads into important decisions prepared and confident. This Tuesday, if you’re in favor of an elected official with proven results, vote Bickle.

James Leiker,