Well, Michael Reagan has decided to help with the smoke and mirrors surrounding the Trump administration.

Mikey reiterates the story of Hillary being bought off by the Russian’s Rosatom to help them buy the Canadian-owned company Uranium One, thus selling off a crucial 20 percent of the USA’s critical uranium reserves in return for a large $145 million payout to the Clinton Foundation. Truly a mixmaster’s collective dream of nonchronological events and nonfacts. Here with a bit of fact checking:

1. Most of the people contributing to the Clinton Foundation sold their interests in Uranium One about three to four years before the Russian deal came up.

2. Not $145 million but only about $1.25 million was actually contributed to the Clinton Foundation by one active shareholder of Uranium One.

3. The Uranium One mine ore, that is part of the U.S. critical reserves, has a 0.2 percent uranium content, making it very expensive to extract; I mean that mine sits idle most of the time.

4. If anyone ever decides to actually work that mine, they will have to keep the refined results in the U.S., per current U.S. law. So, no loss of reserves access.

5. The Russians really wanted Uranium One’s mine holdings in Kazakstan, obviously not part of the U.S. reserves.

6. Presume for a moment Hillary received $1.25 million to help expedite the sale. Hmm ... Hillary was one of nine cabinet officials who had to agree to the sale.

So, she probably would have had only the $1.25 million to share roughly nine ways to get all to agree to something so surreptitious. Kind of looks like chicken feed since she could make more via speaking tours and talking to Wall Street.

7. The real problem with this issue is, it was initiated by Breitbart, Steve Bannon’s news service. So far, Breitbart has not passed many, if any, tests of fact checking. They pretty much reek with oozing fake news.

Now why would Michael Reagan be taking Trump’s side given his own distaste for the Donald?

From Jan 16, 2016, see http://www.unionleader.com/Another-View-Michael-Reagan-Trump-is-no-Reagan-Republican. I will allow Mikey, himself, to sum it all up. “Mr. Trump, I knew Ronald Reagan. And you’re no Ronald Reagan!... You can’t be a Trump Republican and a Reagan Republican. It’s time to choose.”

— John Holland,