We are a truth-starved nation. The media and our colleges/universities (public education system) are giving us only one side of the story — the story through the lens of liberalism, i.e. political correctness. Why is everything so political? Our nation is “starving” to hear the “rest of the story” — starving to hear the whole truth.

So many false narratives persist, but I will concentrate on one, a foundational truth. I just returned from the annual March 4 Life in Washington, D.C. I marched with tens of thousands — mothers with babies in their arms, Dads pushing baby strollers, the elderly in wheelchairs being pushed by their sons, and young women with joy-filled hearts. A true celebration of life — a celebration of healing.

So what is truth? This is truth. Life is precious. It is to be cherished. It begins at conception as science has proven. It is to be protected from conception until natural death. Jesus, in His own words, proclaimed, “I am the way, and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6.)

So why don’t we hear about this in the media? Why such scant coverage of a march with thousands and thousands of marchers that now has been going on for 45 years? Instead, we hear the “fake news” that life is cheap. It can be discarded in dumpsters. Baby organs can be harvested and sold. Is it even possible to have peace and a civilized society while abortion remains legal?

Yes we are indeed truth starved. Ever wonder why there is so much “hate” in our society? “Lack of truth” breeds anger, division and hate. Is not our culture in danger of being destroyed?

I want to challenge everyone to do their part in ridding our society of the killing of the innocents, of ridding our society of much hate and violence. Maybe you could commit to voting only for those who are pro-life? Maybe you could work to make your political party’s platform pro-life? Maybe you could take part in next year’s March 4 Life in D.C.? It would be so, so worth it. It is a priceless opportunity to witness to the sanctity of human life. This is truly the civil rights issue of our time.

In summary, we must truly recognize Jesus is the truth and work peaceably to restore the right to life for all in our society. Our truth starved nation is depending on us.

Lawrence J. Reichert,