What is happening in our country is pathetic, especially on one end of the political spectrum. Another theme in my letter to the editor will be winners and losers. Look for that also.

I have a question, and whenever I ask it, the silence is deafening and speaks volumes in my opinion. The question is: "What agendas coming from the Democrat Party as we speak will appeal to voters in the next election?" I get no takers on that question, and that's why I also write that there are winners and losers.

How can the Democrat Party be a winner without a good agenda? They are losing on their many pathetic attempts to destroy Trump. Our president is still standing strong. Not only that, his accomplishments are great. Sadly, mainstream never goes there, nor even local newspapers.

The ridiculous behavior of Democrats during Trump's State of the Union is another nail in their coffin. They wouldn't acknowledge good news about anything, not even historical lows in unemployment among minorities.

The hate by liberals of President Donald J. Trump is unprecedented in American history. In most of my letters to the editor, the word "unprecedented" is used more than any other word probably. Surely, one can see what is occurring in our politics and government for the past year is unmatched in American history, and what seems a hundred different ways.

I'm amazed at what is said about Trump when discussing the state of affairs with a liberal. It's all criticism on silly "personal" levels. In other words it might be Trumps hair, the way he talks or walks or dresses, and every little word he utters. Liberals don't even want to know what Trump is actually doing in the way of accomplishments — and there are many great ones. I call that pathetic politics.

I met recently with three co-workers at the college the four of us are retired from and "oh brother" was that an experience. The attacks by the three on Trump were all about silly personal stuff, and they had no clue what he is doing actually — nor any clue about massive corruption coming from their political party, nor did they even want to know. My friends were teachers of science and math courses. So much for any kind of analytic thinking versus emotion.

I've come to the conclusion that liberals, especially when it comes to our president, have tunnel vision and refuse to look at the big picture. For example, the "crappy" word Trump supposedly used about Haiti consumed every minute for days by liberal media and Democrats. I could give lots of illustrations of narrow mindedness with no interest at all in looking at the big picture.

I've also come to the conclusion many arguments can boil down to just simple common-sense explanations. For example, how can an agenda be a winning effort when politicians put foreigners, who broke the law coming here, ahead of the needs of Americans? Add to that, the scheme is to have foreigners come here to swing elections. There's not one iota of common sense in those Democrat agendas, and I could give a dozen illustrations where common sense alone explains the whole thing.

Is Trump a miracle, or his accomplishments, perhaps both? Liberals control 90 percent of our media, and 90 percent of their reporting is negative toward our president. The words "against all odds" comes to mind. Even some members of his own party are against him. Most of Hollywood, higher education, minorities, even millennials are against him. Facebook, Google and Twitter admitted Hillary bias. Most, in and around Washington, D.C. voted for Hillary.

Worst of all, our own government was anti Trump when it came to voting and even engaged in corruption to prevent a Trump presidency. God help us, that includes thousands of Obama holdovers in virtually every agency including our FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc. Even the Democrat Party became corrupted trying to destroy Trump. Our own FBI actually collaborated with Obama and Hillary to destroy Trump.

That collaboration is the height of pathetic politics with our justice and intelligence agencies playing politics to determine who gets to be our president — rather than the American people. And then maybe the height of pathetic politics is our past president Obama lurking in the shadows underground organizing to destroy our current president.

The corruption is not conspiracy as mainstream media leads us to believe. There is undeniable evidence to prove it. Trust me when I say the many bombshells are coming soon in the way of a showdown. Guess who will be losers in all of this if justice prevails.

Yup, nothing short of a miracle Trump is still standing, and making America great again as we speak. His SOTU speech was historical. He's making history with his many accomplishments. He's a winner. Google WMD's 177 Trump accomplishments put together months ago and when bringing us up to date, there are even more.

Some could argue I go overboard on Trump. The whole world has been against him and, if I speak out as a minority, so be it. On Facebook, I saw "Obama lied to us eloquently and Trump tells us the truth crudely. Which do you prefer?" The truth on matters that count.

Anybody that disagrees with my analysis of Trump, is clearly watching the many liberal media TV outlets, and not the one conservative outlet. It's like living on two different planets. Liberal media still is dwelling on Trump collusion with Russia after a year of no evidence. Fox News is the most watched cable news source 16 years running and dwells on what Trump is accomplishing and the massive corruption in our government. A first grader would know which is more important.

I suppose one could say liberal Democrat mainstream media is a winner on one score. They are successful in propagandizing and indoctrinating millions to hundreds of things that are not true. Is that a pathetic way to improve ratings or what? MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is the worst. Her entire show is insinuation, innuendos and speculation while she throws up on the screen all kinds of Trump-Russia connections, most of which can't be followed by the average viewer, and in 370 some days yet to have anything stick.

Let me leave readers with these two thoughts. No. 1: How pathetic is it when Trump, a winner, is criticized by the left for using the word "America" too often in his famous speech? Secondly, the massive government corruption has shaken the very foundation of our democratic republic and somebody needs to pay a price.

Les Knoll is a frequent contributor to The Hays Daily News.