Thank you for your April 7, 2018 article, "Arc Opening New Doors" which highlights our store and how it contributes to the Hays area by providing an array of activities for developmental and intellectually disabled residents in our community.

However, The Thrift Store Volunteers felt compelled to write and bring proper recognition to our Thrift Store Manager, Morgan Hart who was overlooked in the article.

Morgan has been the force behind staging the sales floor and is extremely passionate about making shopping easy and fun for our shoppers. His hard work has certainly been a significant factor in contributing to the stores increase in revenue as mentioned in your article.

Morgan has given all of us the gift of a fun, successful workplace. He works many long hours to find new ways to improve the shopping pleasure of our customers. There is no question that all of us can't imagine volunteering for any other ARC Store Manager.

The ARC volunteers welcome with open arms anyone interested in joining us in a journey of volunteering that helps our community and is nothing short of rewarding. We encourage you to come in and talk to us if you are interested in being a volunteer. We'll see to it that you have the opportunity to meet and talk to Morgan, ask questions and discuss the volunteer days and hours that will work best for you.


The Arc Thrift Store Volunteers