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Truth about Obamacare


Truth about Obamacare

Truth about Obamacare

I would like to respond to Friday's editorial regarding politicians and certain news reporters lying about Obamacare.

It seems the author forgot to mention one significant liar about Obamacare, and that would be President Barack Obama. None other than the Washington Post gave four Pinocchios to Obama's statement that "if you like your insurance plan, you can keep your plan, period."

This also was named as the 2013 lie of the year by the website Politifact. They did fail to note additional lies he made regarding keeping your doctor and your hospital, and that the average family plan premium actually would go down by $2,500. The latter also was an obvious lie as any eighth-grade student could have told you. Even they have sufficient mathematical skills to figure 30 million newly insured individuals with an annual average premium of say, only $5,000, would cost a minimum of $150 billion per year, or $1.5 trillion in a decade.

Someone is going to have to pay for that. I don't see how you can cut premiums and raise $150 billion. And, in fact, early premiums under Obamacare are up 11 percent on average nationwide, according to a Morgan Stanley study -- as you would expect.

There also are many reports deductibles also have increased. Prior to Obamacare, I heard estimates of the uninsured being anywhere from 30 million to 46 million. Therefore, I wonder even if all of the 7.5 million enrollees in Obamacare previously were uninsured, which they are not, then why would that be a great accomplishment if you still have 23 million to 39 million uninsured?

Finally, I'm wondering if the Kansas insurance commissioner has any plans to fine President Obama?

Jim Horacek,


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