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War only will add to Middle East problems


War is not the answer

War is not the answer

Wars and rumors of wars. Diplomacy by other means.

Obviously not my originals.

I think it is a reasonably unsafe assumption to make that war in the Mid-East will be perpetual.

The reasons are the Arab-Israeli antagonism, the Sunni-Shia conflict, and the large petroleum stores there. The conflict originated before my time and has been unceasing since.

We support Israel because they are our best allies over there.

Even though we might become self-sufficient in petroleum production, our allies around the world cannot; therefore our vested interest.

Several generations of U.S. citizens have reviewed the action there. Those who are my age are inured with it.

Younger people are not far behind.

The Mid-East is a less stable place now than ever before. War does not improve this, but only perpetuates it.

Gary Whitesell


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