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Pocket-book debate?


Pocket-book debate?

Pocket-book debate?

Having just read your opinion piece on the Kansas State Fair debate, I find it rather interesting you support the status quo of politics, whereby money talks while clearly excluding the point Keen Umbehr met a more important criteria: Candidates must have at least a 5-percent showing in an independent pre-election poll.

If polls at the national level have revealed nothing else, it is that the people are not supportive of either party. As you so eloquently stated, "It is also a way to reinforce and perpetuate the dominant two-party system America has adopted ... ." That stance might have been adopted in the olden days, but times have changed. Voters are smarter. Technology has offered more access to information as it pertains to candidates. The fact you support suppressing the participation of a viable candidate rather than pushing to allow the public the opportunity to hear another candidate is doing a huge disservice to the voters of Kansas.

I also would be interested in reading where it states the person who raises the most money wins an election. Or gets to participate in the political process. If our political system truly has been reduced to whose wallet is thicker, we as a society are doomed.

Micki Ball,

Elmendorf, Texas

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