• Time to retire 7/16/2014

    Time to retire Could it be possible for our congressmen to pass a law allowing our campaigner in chief, sometimes known as our commander in chief or ...

  • Eyeing the children 7/30/2014

    Eyeing the children I am encouraged by the advocacy of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on behalf of humanitarian solutions for recent numbers of un ...

  • Time to replace Huelskamp 7/30/2014

    Time to replace Huelskamp The 2020 census is not yet underway, so it is hard to tell what congressional reapportionment will mean for Kansas, and ul ...

  • No longer a supporter 7/29/2014

    I am a Kansas corn and sorghum grower, a business owner, and a constituent of Congressman Tim Huelskamp. For the past four years, I have supported ...

  • Endorsement for Shultz 7/25/2014

    The future of healthcare in Kansas is one of the most important ongoing discussions right now in our state. Kansas has the opportunity to select an In ...

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