• Endorsement for Schultz 7/25/2014

    The future of healthcare in Kansas is one of the most important ongoing discussions right now in our state. Kansas has the opportunity to select an In ...

  • Vote Huelskamp out 7/25/2014

    The definition of unpatriotic is someone involved in something that harms your country and/or not proud of your country. This is the very essence of H ...

  • Leadership change needed 7/24/2014

    I was fascinated by the ad run by Senator Pat Roberts about the ethics of Milton Wolf. In 1952 when Ike Eisenhower was elected president, Pat's fath ...

  • Vote for Huelskamp 7/24/2014

    Tim Huelskamp has earned my vote to represent Kansans in our nation's Capitol. Our country needs leaders that are willing to take a stand and make ...

  • Protecting unborn children 7/24/2014

    As yet another election nears, I urge votes for a senator who has a perfect voting record in support of pre-born human life. It can't be stated too ...

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