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Leadership change needed


I was fascinated by the ad run by Senator Pat Roberts about the ethics of Milton Wolf.

I was fascinated by the ad run by Senator Pat Roberts about the ethics of Milton Wolf.

In 1952 when Ike Eisenhower was elected president, Pat's father Wes Roberts, who was the chairman of the Republican Party in Kansas, promoted a legislative act to pay the AOUW Insurance Company $115,000 for a building which had been erected on the Norton County TB sanatorium grounds on state land. The AOUW at that point would not have had any ownership in that addition to that sanatorium because the building was built on state grounds.

Wes Roberts, Pat's father, managed to get a bill through the Kansas legislature paying the AOUW $115,000 for that building. Wes Roberts got a $15,000 kickback from the AOUW, unbeknownst to anyone, until it was discovered by Alvin McCoy of the Kansas City Star and exposed.

By that time, Wes Roberts had been promoted to National Chairman of the Republican Party on the election of Dwight Eisenhower. When this came to light, Eisenhower dismissed Wes Roberts as national president. Alvin McCoy got the Pulitzer Prize for uncovering it, and Harold R. Fatzer, then attorney general on whose staff I was working, brought an action to recover that money from the AOUW. That lawsuit was unsuccessful, and to this date, the Roberts family has retained the kickback they got from that bogus legislative act.

Then, upon Pat Roberts' discharge from the marines, Senator Frank Carison put Pat Roberts on his staff as a legislative aid. When he left the Carison staff he went to the Sebelius staff, and upon Sebelius' death, he established a bogus address in Dodge City to run from the 1st District which is amusing. Holton, Kansas, was his home town.

It is time to end the Roberts influence in the Republican Party.

We desperately need term limits. If it takes a change in the party leadership in the Senate, so be it.

Thomas C. Boone


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