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Barack blame game


Barack blame game

Barack blame game

Les Knoll's explanation as to how President Barack Obama won a second term is nonsense to me.

Of course from his perspective and what he believes, it must be a scandal of sort. What I am about to say public, what I've told my conservative friends in the past, the GOP tea party got Obama re-elected. This statement has been met with, "Don't blame us."

I'm not; I'm giving credit due. For me, it was the radical right views. These folks have come with a vengeance and a point to make. They never will accept this man of color; they'll deny that fact to the end, but their actions speak the truth. The obsessions on anything and everything this man and this administration does (or doesn't do), to portray them as foreign, evil, illegal and wrong, always.

The hope for a good future for all is diminished in their conservative eyes. The middle of America wants hope, love and good fortune for their futures. I truly believe this -- not the fear and resentment of this party of today.

I reject Mr. Knoll's opinion, and so does the other half of the country. That is why there is a President Obama today.

Wanda K. Schlegel,


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