Shubert takes over behind-the-scenes duties


Cheryl Shubert won't have to move far as she takes on the duties of board clerk and director of accounting for Hays USD 489.

Shubert, the district's treasurer/accounts payable, is replacing Sandra Bainter, who is retiring at the end of the year.

Shubert's office is on one side of the district's reception office, and Bainter's on the other.

Shubert has had the treasurer/accounts payable position since September 2007, taking over when Donna Hays retired.

In that position, she paid the district's bills, received the revenue and made sure the accounting software was accurate for board and state reports.

"I like the job I have, but knew I was capable of doing more. But I wanted to keep working for the district," Shubert said. "I love working for the school district."

Shubert has three daughters, Shannon, a Fort Hays State University freshman; Abigail, a Hays High sophomore; and Allison, a fourth-grader at Wilson.

"We're a soccer family, from oldest to youngest," Shubert said.

Though she isn't interested in being a teacher, she likes knowing her work affects the district's children.

"She has done an exceptional job as treasurer," Superintendent Will Roth said. "She learns quickly and is good with technology. I'm sure that will continue in her new position."

Those duties will include attending board meetings and keeping the minutes, being responsible for board requests, and keeping the district in compliance with Kansas open meetings, public records, cash-basis and budget laws. She also is the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System designated agent for the district.

"Cheryl will do great," Bainter said. "She's very smart and already has a running start in the fact that she's (already working) in the district."

The clerk's job encompasses much more, so learning the day-to-day responsibilities will be the biggest challenge.

"Sandra is a phenomenal woman, a great example, (and) a wonderful mentor," Shubert said. "The biggest challenge will be to fill those shoes."

Roth said most staff members in the schools might not know Shubert yet.

"The people who work with her in this office respect the work she does, (and) she will develop that same level of trust and confidence."