History repeats

In an act unprecedented in American history, Barack Obama has added his name to history's list of tyrants who have tried to bring the Catholic Church to her knees. Indeed, the insulting bait-and-switch maneuver Obama recently pulled on Archbishop Timothy Dolan is exactly what Adolph Hitler pulled on Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli in 1933. Just as Hitler assured the future pope that the church would remain free in Nazi-dominated Germany, then subjected Catholic institutions to Nazi oppression anyway, Obama assured the future cardinal that the church would remain free in Democrat-dominated America.

To the many comments of other Catholic writers, I'll add only these:

It should be obvious that Obama's assault on freedom of religion and conscience is only the latest move in a campaign that militant atheists within his party have been waging for decades. Their malignant agenda manifests unbridled contempt for faith and reason, marriage and family, life and liberty. Not coincidentally, these are hallmarks of western civilization, cultivated and preserved by the church since the fall of Rome, through the medieval and Renaissance periods to the present day. Is it any wonder, then, that Barack Obama and his associates are determined to neutralize the Catholic faith?

The very premise that contraception, sterilization, abortion and euthanasia are medicinal is absurd. Must it really be pointed out that fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and children are normal, healthy, necessary and good? That drugs, devices and procedures to prevent life and kill persons are considered part of our health care system shows how deeply immoral our society has become? That our government demands we participate in these crimes against humanity proves how unjust it is.

Pundits often note Obama received 54 percent of the Catholic vote in 2008. I would argue he and like-minded politicians have received very few votes from Catholics. It's a sad fact that a large majority of those describing themselves as Catholic do not practice the faith; low Mass attendance and the popularity of birth control serve as indicators. Having excommunicated themselves, this portion of the electorate is not Catholic at all and including them in the so-called Catholic vote leads to false conclusions. Excepting the grossly misinformed and the just plain stupid, no Catholic would vote for an anti-life candidate when a reasonable alternative is on the ballot. While John McCain was not an ideal pick from a pro-life perspective, he certainly posed a lesser threat to human life than Barack Obama, who tried repeatedly to institutionalize infanticide in Illinois hospitals. Catholics are anything but perfect; we stumble and fall like anyone else. But we don't vote for politicians who take their marching orders from hell.

On Jan. 18, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Homeland Security met with state and local law enforcement agencies to coordinate efforts against domestic extremists. Recall that soon after taking over at Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano listed pro-life citizens among extremists who warranted monitoring. According to this definition, the Catholic Church is by far the largest, best organized and most formidable extremist group in the country. Was it mere coincidence that this meeting convened only two days before Obama's birth control mandate was promulgated? It takes little imagination to see a White House preparing for widespread civil disobedience.

We shouldn't be surprised by this turn of events. What makes America in 2012 any different than Germany in 1933? That it has the Constitution? Nice words, but history shows they're only as good as the persons who interpret, apply and enforce them. It has been the holy and living Catholic Church, not faded words on yellowed parchment, that has been the ultimate and enduring obstacle in the path of tyrants for two thousand years. Barack Obama may well spill our blood, but like all tyrants before him, he will find that the gates of hell will not prevail against us.

John Francis Borra