Ding-dong: It's Girl Scout cookie time starting Saturday



Those who just can't wait a few weeks to receive Girl Scout cookies are in luck.

Starting this year, Girl Scouts will sell boxes of cookies directly instead of the way in the past, when they would take orders and later deliver the cookies upon arrival.

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland, 2707 Vine, Ste. 8, will start taking orders Saturday.

"We're very excited," said Lisa Cech, business manager and product sales assistant. "Lots and lots of activity and movement happening right now, getting ready."

In the past, customers would pre-order, then pay when the cookies were delivered. Sometimes, Girl Scouts would make several attempts to make delivery.

"Our hope is the only reason they need to go back is because they want more cookies," Cech said.

There also will be a new cookie making its debut. There are two bakeries that make the cookies. There are six core cookies and two cookies the bakers choose. One of those cookies typically lasts two years before being replaced. This year, the Mango Creme with NutriFusion replaces the Shout Out cookie.

The crunchy vanilla and coconut cookie with mango-flavored filling includes vitamins, with all the nutrient benefits of eating cranberries, pomegranates, oranges, grapes and strawberries.

If a Girl Scout doesn't come to a person's door or work place, there will be booths set up to take orders. Locations with booths include Walmart SuperCenter, 4301 Vine, and at the Class 3-2-1A state wrestling tournament in Gross Memorial Coliseum, Feb. 22 and 23.

Starting Feb. 15, there will be a cookie store in The Mall, 2918 Vine, on weekends. Buyers also can drop by the office to place an order, or call it at (785) 625-5671.

There also is the option to donate a box through the cookie share program. The organization has specified five charities or military personnel to receive a box of cookies, or buyers can pick a charity of their choice.

The cost for a box of cookies is $3.50, with 73 percent of the proceeds divided between the person who made the sale and Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland. Sales will end March 10.

"We truly do expect sales to be higher this year," Cech said.