Block by block, HHS trio builds toward success


Three Hays High School students have gotten a good look at what it's like to own a business.

Seniors Darian Leiker, Maggie Copper and Nick Glassman are putting to good use what they have learned by osmosis while growing up with fathers who own businesses in Hays.

That HHS threesome hosted several events for fellow Hays High students last week as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Friday, they were stopping students coming out of the cafeteria, having them answer such questions such as "If you could own your own business, what would it be?"

All three said it was a step toward helping them gain some experience in building their project for the annual state DECA contest next semester.

"I'm learning that entrepreneurship is a big part of our community and helped build it into what it is," Glassman said.

Leiker and Copper finished first at state with their entrepreneurship promotion project last year and went on to nationals. They decided to expand on their project this year and added fellow classmate Glassman to the team.

"We recognized how important (entrepreneurship) was to our community and wanted to promote it," Copper said. "I'm learning a lot about the marketing aspect itself."

The new campaign theme for the entrepreneurship DECA project this year is "Building Blocks to Success."

Shaina Prough, DECA sponsor, said she thinks her senior trio is off to a good start to a successful year with last week's project.

"Coordinating a big group is a lot of work," Prough said. "And planning and management and leadership, they are learning all those things."

Entrepreneurship is something Leiker hopes to carry on after high school.

"I am considering opening my own business someday," she said, "so all this is a good learning experience."