Manager: Hays restaurant did not close after inspection By The Hays Daily News

Despite reports and documents to the contrary, Napoli's Italian Restaurant remained open after an inspection by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

Restaurant manager Daniel Booker said the agriculture department had not asked for closure of the restaurant located at 2522 Vine Street, following a May 1 inspection. The restaurant opened in Hays in 2010.

"They were here throughout the day, and they told us what we needed to fix," Booker said. "We haven't shut down at all."

"We got hold of the landlord to fix the roof that's leaking, so they've taken care of that. We're getting everything in place."

According to the inspection report, the restaurant will be reinspected Saturday. A voluntary closure agreement also is on the ag department's restaurant inspection website. A Napoli's staff member said he has tried to reach the agriculture department in an attempt to clarify the situation.

A message seeking comment from inspection officials was not returned Friday.