Majority's tyranny

I commend Patrick Lowry for having the courage to publish an editorial Tuesday daring to criticize legislation that overtly favors Christianity over other "foreign" religions. It will not make him a popular man with most Kansans.

But religious zealotry of any stripe is a danger to democracy. Level-headed individuals who value freedom and have faith in the Kansas and U.S. constitutions must speak that truth and insist that their elected representatives adhere to those guiding (secular) documents. Now our Legislature seems to have bought into the paranoia with a pre-emptive strike against Shariah law in our courts.

Politically conservative Christians have not always dominated public discourse in Kansas, and no doubt their dominance will wane in the future as public opinion evolves.

As Mr. Lowry asks, who will step forward to protect them against whatever faction is then dominant? John Adams warned of the "tyranny of the majority" more than 200 years ago. It's as big a danger today as it was then -- only the targets have changed.

Rita Stramel