Time for trucks



Go Truck Go in the Hays High School parking lot Thursday evening was a real family affair for Matthew Morris.

Morris brought his front-end loader to the equipment show.

Nearby, his mother-in-law, Peggy Whitworth, stood with her grandson, 7-month-old Chase Morris, while he slept in his carriage, undisturbed by the horns honking and occasional siren sounding.

"We found a nice shady spot," Whitworth said.

Next to Morris' loader was a 1942 Ford jeep his grandfather, Ron Burbridge of Russell, brought to the event.

"It's an Army jeep, but I'm makin' a Marine out of it," said Burbridge, who served with the Marines during the Korean War.

Burbridge said he'd been looking for a jeep for two or three years before finding one a few months ago.

"The only difference between this one and the one I had in Korea is it (the one in Korea) had a 30-caliber machine gun in the back," he said.

Youngsters lined up to take a turn climbing into the jeep's driver's seat.

"He's bashful, and she's fearless," Cole Keiswetter said of his son Koby, 4, and daughter Brayli, 2, as they waited their turn.

The family came from Hill City for the event.

"The kids like big equipment," Sara Keiswetter said.

"Mommy, look I'm driving," Traetyn Mehl, 4, shouted while turning the wheel and honking the jeep's horn.

"It's a fun way for children and families to examine the vehicles they see on the streets," said Joan Dunn, coordinator of Early Childhood Connections ages birth to 3.

That organization sponsors the annual event.

"My favorite color is green," said Shelby Massaglia, 3, as she and her sister, Erin, 6, ran to get in line to climb into the cab of a John Deere tractor.

The children also got a close look at a fire truck, ambulance, crane, bulldozer, law enforcement vehicles, school bus and pace truck for RPM Speedway.

They could test their skills maneuvering tricycles in a maze of bright orange cones.

Families who ventured inside the gym were treated to pizza, veggies and dip, as well as beverages.

Several agencies, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ellis County, Hays Public Library, Ellis County 4-H, Healthy Family and Parents as Teachers gave out information about their programs.