Review board could be dissolved


Hays city commissioners will consider a resolution disbanding the city's Neighborhood Revitalization/Downtown Development Review Board at Thursday's city commission meeting. The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at city hall.

Commissioners discussed the city's various committees during a work session last week, touching on the possibility of instituting term limits and whether each committee serves a vital purpose.

After review and discussion of the Neighborhood Revitalization/Downtown Development Review Board, commissioners instructed City Manager Toby Dougherty to prepare a resolution disbanding the board.

"We are the only city that actually has that board," Dougherty said of the neighborhood revitalization board. "We would be fine if that board were to not exist.

"We think city staff and some of the county staff that deals with the tax rebate process ... could more than handle what the board's doing right now."

The decision to disband the board also is based on vacancies, difficulty finding qualified -- or any -- members to serve on the board, and the belief procedural details of the board could be reviewed by staff with input from the city commission.

Of the board's seven available positions, Wilbert Pfeifer, Justin McClung, Elodie Jones and Jake Glover each are serving three-year terms. Three positions remain open.

In other business, commissioners will determine who will represent the city of Hays on the Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development board.