Sports complex the topic of meeting


During Thursday's work session, Hays city commissioners will meet jointly with the Hays Recreation Commission.

The work session will be at 6:30 p.m. at city hall.

Commissioners will address 2012 season budget deficits experienced at Hays Aquatic Park and Bickle/Schmidt Sports Complex.

By contract, the city agreed to split deficits at the aquatic park with HRC. According to a reimbursement request from HRC, that amount is $6,344.

Commissioners will review the 2012 Bickle/Schmidt Sports Complex financial report that shows a loss of $28,803. The city's contract with HRC states the entities will conduct a joint meeting "to discuss the financial profit/loss of the facility for the year including disbursement of funds as needed or as agreed upon by both parties."

As it was its first year in operation, new equipment expenses were included in the sports complex's budget. According to a letter to City Manager Toby Dougherty from HRC Superintendent Roger Bixenman, expenses included several new utility vehicles and startup costs for new equipment. He said he expects expenses to decrease and usage to increase in 2013.

"Our goal every year will be to increase the number of teams coming to the complex," his letter read. "For the first year, we felt the numbers were good and anticipate those numbers increasing each year as your contact list grows."

Sporting events drew many participants from throughout the region.

Youth from 32 communities participated in softball events, and youth from 22 communities participated in baseball events in 2012.

Other agenda items include:

* 46th Street Second Addition -- a resolution to establish a benefit district, engineering services agreement and change order request.

* 2013 street maintenance program.

* 2012 city boundary resolution.