City of Hays: Stay off streets The city of Hays issued a release early Thursday afternoon, requesting vehicles remain off city streets.

"The condition of Hays’ Emergency Snow Routes is deteriorating quickly. Crews are making every effort to keep up, but the snow is accumulating faster than we can remove it," saidCity Manager Toby Dougherty. "At this time, we are asking everyone to stay off the streets unless it is absolutely necessary."

Some side streets have deteriorated to the point where non-four wheel-drive vehicles are having difficulty maneuvering, and several vehicles have become stuck in the roadway. Dougherty said city crews will not remove vehicles from the roadway unless they are public safety vehicles, noting city workers will concentrate on removing snow from the roadway.

Making matters more difficult, traffic in the North Vine area has increased after Thursday's closure of Interstate 70 from Hays to Salina.