Hachmeister, Martin still undefeated at Elmwood Park Speedway


Special to The Hays Daily News

NORTON, KS (June 16)--The headline is the same as the race before as Jay Hachmeister of Lenora and Anthony Martin of Wilcox, NE, remain unbeaten in the four race dates this season at Elmwood Park Speedway in Norton, KS, after racing action Saturday night, June 16.

Martin won the heat race, then led all 10 laps of the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. 'Bam Bam' Cody Graham stayed close but could not make a pass and had to settle for second, followed by Theron Martin and Cole Miller.

Hachmeister won the second heat race and started fifth in the 9 car IMCA Stock Car feature. Eric Kinderknecht led the first 2 laps before Hachmeister took the lead and held on the remaining 13 laps to make his way to victory lane. Kinderknecht held off first heat winner Josh 'The Hammer' Hudson for the runner-up spot, with Jason Davis and Michael Dancer completing the top five.

The IMCA 305 Sprint Cars had a rough night. Garth Griffith rolled his car in the heat race. He was unhurt but done for the night. Then in the 15-lap main event, Ron Hadley's car caught on fire, ending his night, and heat race winner Randy Bantam rolled his car, also ending his night. Howard Van Dyke led the field the first half of the race, then Darren Berry of McCook, NE, took control and led the rest of the way to the checkers for his second win this season. Van Dyke was second, trailed by Tommy Williams and Nate Berry.

Beloit's Tim Watts held off heat race winner and brother-in-law Brian Calhoun to win his second IMCA Modified feature this season at the half-mile. Matt Henke was third and Caven Portenier fourth.

The IMCA Northern Sport Mods ran two features as the evening's program started with the make-up feature from the May 12 event. Tyler Frye took the early lead, only to be passed by Kensington's Cory Struckhoff at the halfway mark of the 15-lap race. Struckhoff pulled away for a trip to victory lane, followed by Frye, Kaid Calhoun, Brian Conness and Tanner Portenier.

Struckhoff and Frye would win the two heat races prior to the regular main event. This time Frye was not to be denied as he led all 15 laps. Struckhoff would have to settle for second, with Troy Attwood, Calhoun, and Jason McCartney rounding out the top five.

The regular five classes return to racing during the Norton County Fair on Saturday & Sunday, July 28-29. All 5 divisions will compete both nights with racing set for 7:00 p.m. each night.


IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat: 1. Anthony Martin, 2. Jason Grabast, 3. Cody Graham, 4. Theron Martin.

Feature: 1. A. Martin, 2. Graham, 3. T. Martin, 4. Cole Miller, 5. Grabast (DNF).

IMCA Sport Mods

Make-up feature (from 5-12): 1. Cory Struckhoff, 2. Tyler Frye, 3. Kaid Calhoun, 4. Brian Conness, 5. Tanner Portenier, 6. Frank McClurg, 7. J.R. Ewing, 8. Jay Weigel (DNF), 9. Austin Walker (DNS), 10. Chris Heim (DNS), 11. Rick Putman (DNS), 12. Jeremy Sigler (DNS).

Heat 1: 1. Struckhoff, 2. Conness, 3. Calhoun, 4. McClurg.

Heat 2: 1. Frye, 2. Dan Lauer, 3. Jason McCartney, 4. Weigel.

Feature: 1. Frye, 2. Struckhoff, 3. Troy Attwood, 4. Calhoun, 5. McCartney, 6. Lauer, 7. McClurg, 8. Weigel, 9. Conness (DNF), 10. Ewing (DNF), 11. Portenier (DNS), 12. Jerry Foskuhl (DNS).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat 1: 1. Josh Hudson, 2. Michael Dancer, 3. Pat Bedore, 4. Darin Racek.

Heat 2: 1. Jay Hachmeister, 2. Eric Kinderknecht, 3. J.R. McCreery, 4. Jason Davis.

Feature: 1. Hachmeister, 2. Kinderknecht, 3. Hudson, 4. Davis, 5. Dancer, 6. Bob Rutherford, 7. Bedore, 8. Racek, 9. McCreery (DNF).

IMCA 305 Sprint Cars

Heat: 1. Randy Bantam, 2. Tommy Williams, 3. Darren Berry, 4. Howard Van Dyke.

Feature: 1. D. Berry, 2. Van Dyke, 3. Williams, 4. Nate Berry, 5. Bantam (DNF), 6. Ron Hadley (DNF), 7. Garth Griffith (DNS).

IMCA Modifieds

Heat: 1. Brian Calhoun, 2. Tim Watts, 3. Matt Henke, 4. Caven Portenier.

Feature: 1. Watts, 2. Calhoun, 3. Henke, 4. Portenier.