Landers, Heim top Mod Mania field


Special to The Hays Daily News

HAYS, KS (July 30)--Jared Landers of Batesville, AR, and Hoxie's Chris Heim were victorious in their respective divisions at Mod Mania at RPM Speedway in Hays, KS, on Tuesday evening, July 30. Fifty-one IMCA Modifieds and 48 IMCA Northern Sport Mods representing 8 states competed in the event.

Landers, who competes in the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series in a car owned by NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer, won the third B-feature to qualify for the 24-car 30-lap $2,000 to win main event for the IMCA Modifieds. After a mishap at the start, Ryan Gaylord took the lead on the restart to lead the opening lap, but was passed one lap later by fellow Colorado competitor Jeremy Frenier. After a caution on lap 4 when Iowa's Jesse Sobbing went off the track, Brandon Blochlinger took the lead from Frenier. Frenier regained the lead on lap 12, but was passed by defending Mod Mania champion Dylan Smith on lap 14. Then on lap 16, Landers, who raced in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series the week before at Eldora Speedway, took a lead he would not relinquish. Landers was able to hold off the field through a couple more cautions to make his way to victory lane. Frenier finished second, followed by Smith. Clint Bowyer, who made a return appearance at RPM Speedway, finished fourth, with track point leader Corey Lagroon rounding out the top five. Heat race winners included Chris Bragg, Mike Petersilie, Bowyer, Frenier and Sobbing. Dylan Sherfick and Austin Allen won the other two B-features. William Gould of Calera, OK, and Sobbing, who stand 1-2 in current national points, both made the A-feature but neither driver finished.

The IMCA Northern Sport Mod A-main started 24 cars to race 25 laps for a $1,000 winner's check. And Heim, Cory Struckhoff and Tracy Holloway put on a show most of the race. Heim led the first 3 laps before Struckhoff took the lead on lap 4. Heim regained control on lap 10, only to be passed one lap later by Struckhoff. Struckhoff led through lap 13 when the first caution waved when Austin Carter coasted to a stop on the track. After the restart, Heim got by and would hold on to the top spot to the checkers. Struckhoff and Holloway stayed closed, running side by side and nose to tail but could not get back by Heim and had to settle for second and third. Max Harder and Ben Kates rounded out the top five. Heat race winners were Kates, Holloway, Blaine Walt, Carter, Tanner Portenier and Dustin Daniels. Harder, Tyler Frye and Brenden Damon were victorious in the 3 B-features.

Bowyer's appearance was thanks to Crawford Supply of Hays, Plainville and Hill City. BMS Motorsports of Belleville provided the car for Bowyer to drive, while Jet Racing of Beatrice, NE, furnished Landers' ride.

Racing returns to RPM Speedway on Saturday evening, August 10. It will be Race Cars & Superstars Night with money raised for area Big Brothers/Big Sisters clubs. It is also 'Daisy Dukes & Cowboy Boots Night' with prizes to the top 5 in the Daisy Duke lookalike contest. All 5 regular divisions will be in action starting at 7:00 p.m.


IMCA Modifieds

Heat race winners: Chris Bragg, Mike Petersilie, Clint Bowyer, Jeremy Frenier, Jesse Sobbing.

B-Feature #1 (top 4 advance): 1. Dylan Sherfick, 2. Tim Ward, 3. Cody Gearhart, 4. Rodger Peck, 5. Jesse Richter, 6. Ronnie Hill, 7. Barry Maupin, 8. Brad Keller (DNF), 9. Dusty Springer (DNF), 10. Matt Henke (DNF), 11. Nate Moore (DNS), 12. Van Gemmill (DNS), 13. Bill Albin (DNS), 14. Travis Sherfick (DNS).

B-Feature #2 (top 4 advance): 1. Austin Allen, 2. Troy Plummer, 3. Michael Wadel, 4. Tim Watts, 5. Kyle Maloney, 6. David Solberg, 7. Todd Schwarz, 8. Alex Albin, 9. Jeremy Zorn (DNF), 10. John Fose (DNF), 11. Corey Burch (DNF), 12. Eddie Belec (DNS), 13. Dominic Ursetta (DNS).

B-Feature #3 (top 4 advance): 1. Jared Landers, 2. Joe Cleveland, 3. Ryan Heger, 4. William Gould, 5. Kyle Rohleder, 6. Jeff Walters, 7. Jerry Teel, 8. Milo Lippelmann, 9. Chad Heller, 10. #62x, 11. Danny Keller (DNF), 12. Brian Calhoon (DNS), 13. #67.

A-Feature: 1. Landers, 2. Frenier, 3. Dylan Smith, 4. Bowyer, 5. Corey Lagroon, 6. Peck, 7. Allen, 8. Bragg, 9. Cleveland, 10. Petersilie (DNF), 11. Gould (DNF), 12. Sobbing (DNF), 13. Brandon Blochlinger (DNF), 14. Ward (DNF), 15. Wadel (DNF), 16. Ryan Gaylord (DNF), 17. Brendon Gemmill (DNF), 18. Heger (DNF), 19. D. Sherfick (DNF), 20. Watts (DNF), 21. Gearhart (DNF), 22. Troy Gemmill (DNF), 23. Plummer (DNF), 24. David Murray Jr. (DNF).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Ben Kates, Tracy Holloway, Blaine Walt, Austin Carter, Tanner Portenier, Dustin Daniels.

B-Feature#1 (top 4 advance): 1. Max Harder, 2. Brian Fink, 3. Clay Money, 4. Colby Hagans, 5. Kurtis Pihl, 6. Austin Walker, 7. Bryan Herrick, 8. Trenton Kleweno, 9. Rocky Zimmerman, 10. Tony Fisher, 11. Mark Axelson, 12. Dan Lauer (DNS).

B-Feature #2 (top 4 advance): 1. Tyler Frye, 2. Henry Henderson, 3. Brandon Clough, 4. Joe Couse, 5. Philip Gering, 6. Andy Barton, 7. Kenny Schmidt, 8. Kamren Gruber (DNF), 9. Darin Crouch (DNF), 10. Bentley Pywell (DNF), 11. Michael Copper (DNS), 12. Tim Gassmann (DNS).

B-Feature #3 (top 4 advance): 1. Brenden Damon, 2. Tony Rost, 3. Jeff Tubbs, 4. Tyler Watts, 5. C.J. Pfannenstiel, 6. Jeremy Couse, 7. Kaid Calhoon, 8. Bryan Harkness, 9. Ryan Gier, 10. Bart Baker (DNF), 11. Warren Harkness (DNF), 12. Clinton Hockersmith (DNS).

A-Feature: 1. Chris Heim, 2. Cory Struckhoff, 3. Holloway, 4. Harder, 5. Kates, 6. Frye, 7. Fink, 8. Cory McGann, 9. Hagans, 10. Portenier, 11. Money, 12. Tubbs, 13. Joe Couse, 14. Watts, 15. Clough (DNF), 16. Henderson (DNF), 17. Daniel Gottschalk (DNF), 18. Damon (DNF), 19. Walt (DNF), 20. Rost (DNF), 21. Daniels (DNF), 22. Carter (DNF), 23. Cody Pancake (DNF), 24. Clay Sellard (DNF).